Most Popular Beauty Products Used by Finnish Women

Most Popular Beauty Products Used by Finnish Women

Most Popular Beauty Products Used by Finnish Women

Finland is renowned for its natural beauty and pristine landscapes, but the country also has a thriving beauty industry where employment in Finland isn’t a headache. From face creams to make-up, Finnish beauty products from well-known online stores like About You have become sought-after items for women around the world. Finnish women have their own unique way of embracing beauty, and their preferences have become the most popular products in the industry.

From bestselling facial creams to the latest makeup trends, Finnish women know how to make themselves look and feel great. Moreover, authentic brand company reviews in Finland from ReviewsBird hold great importance in choosing the best sellers of the products. This reviewing platform’s search is divided into 14 categories that help you go straight into the section where your company is enlisted. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beauty products used by Finnish women.

Lip balms

The Finnish weather demands a good lip balm to protect your lips from harsh weather conditions and being chapped all the time. Finland women are fond of their lip balms with protective ingredients and a slight tint. The Elizabeth Arden tinted lip balm is famous among Finnish students with an SPF factor in the formula.

Hand creams

Women are fond of hand creams, to make your hands look beautiful, you need hand creams to apply on a daily basis. It protects the hands from being wrinkled due to the weather being so cold for the skin. Wild rose hand cream is a famous formula that is preferred among Finnish women as an important beauty product to add to their list.


A foundation is what makes your skin look smooth and even tone, Lumene CC-foundation is the preferred foundation brand for people in Finland. It has an SPF factor in the foundation, which claims to reduce fine lines and redness. Foundation is a must-have whether you use makeup or not, hence it is a must-have for Finnish women as a daily use cream.

Valo glows hydrating cream

The hydrating cream is a must-have for women in Finland due to extreme weather conditions, they need hydration for their skin to look plump and fresh all day. It is used before makeup to enhance the look and feel of the foundation as it gives extra hydration to the skin.

A good moisturizer to beat Finland’s Winter

Day creams and moisturizers are the beauty secret ingredients used by women of all ages in Finland. This day cream is the top favourite brand of moisturizer used by women in Finland as it provides subtle hydration to the skin and lets you get a fine finish in the cold winter season.


Make-up is a huge part of beauty, and it’s important to know the right kind of products that work best for your skin type, age, and lifestyle. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the best foundation for you is a lightweight liquid formula that easily can be “blended out” with fingertips, an old makeup brush, or a damp Beauty Blender. If you are prone to breakouts or dry skin, a mineral-based foundation is your best bet, as it holds up better and is less likely to clog pores. You also should choose a high-coverage foundation that is opaque and fortified with antioxidants or SPF so that you can still wear it on your face and neck if you get a lot of sun exposure.